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13.11.2023, 08:39
13.11.2023, 08:39

🏆 Bet9ja Super9ja: Win ₦10,000,000 Every Week! 🏆

10 000 000
Unlimited days
Will end
🏆 Bet9ja Super9ja: Win ₦10,000,000 Every Week! 🏆🏆 Bet9ja Super9ja: Win ₦10,000,000 Every Week! 🏆

Major Leagues, Major Wins! The thrill of football combines with the chance to win big - free with Bet9ja's Super9ja!

How to Play

  • Enter for Free: Use your Bet9ja account details to enter.
  • Predict and Win: Simply predict the results of six selected matches weekly.
  • Perfect Predictions, Perfect Prize: Get all six right, and you could win a staggering ₦10,000,000!

Not All or Nothing

  • Consolation Prizes: If you fall short of six correct predictions, don't worry! There are weekly consolation prizes.
  • ₦265,000 Shared Weekly: Among 20 players, you still have a great chance to win something.
  • Weekly Top Player Prize: The top predictor each week gets ₦100,000.

Scoring System

  • Correct Score: Earn 10 points for each accurately predicted scoreline.
  • Correct Result: Still snag 1 point for each right outcome.

Get Started

  • Learn More: For complete details on how to play, click here.
  • This Week's Matches: Check out the latest round of matches here.

Test Your Football Knowledge

It's more than just a game. It's a chance to turn your football insights into a life-changing prize!

🌟 Ready to Aim for the ₦10,000,000? Dive into Bet9ja Super9ja, predict for free, and you could be the next big winner!

Terms and conditions apply. Always play responsibly.


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