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Afribet Multi-Leg Bonus

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Afribet Multi-Leg BonusAfribet Multi-Leg Bonus’s multi-bet bonus feature is another aspect that makes betting with them a thrilling experience. This promotion rewards players for their adventurous spirit and offers bonus percentages based on the number of events in a bet slip. This bonus applies when players have five or more games on a betting slip, with the bonus percentage increasing with each additional event added.

Here’s a breakdown of the multi-bet bonus structure:

  • 5 events: 5% bonus
  • 6 events: 10% bonus
  • 7 events: 15% bonus
  • 8 events: 20% bonus
  • 9 events: 25% bonus
  • 10 events: 30% bonus
  • ...
  • 38 events: 170% bonus

To claim the bonus, players simply need to add the events to their bet slip, and the bonus will be calculated automatically. However, it's important to note that any event voided will not count towards the bonus calculation, and odds under 1.2 will not be considered. The calculated bonus amount is included in the potential winnings and is not separate.

Please note that reserves the right to discontinue the Multiple Bonus at any time, and it's the customer's responsibility to check if the Multiple Bonus is still valid.

In addition to the multi-bet bonus, runs a 'Predict & Win' competition on social media platforms. This competition offers participants a chance to win free betting vouchers by correctly predicting the score for a selected match every week. Winners are chosen randomly from the correct responses pool and announced the following Monday.

To qualify, participants must be over 18 and have a valid account. Winners will be required to confirm their account details to claim their prize. While it's an exciting way to engage with the platform and potentially win free betting vouchers, it’s important to note that reserves the right to stop the competition or terminate winnings if fraudulent activity is detected.


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