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Secret - wkwkwk predictions and free betting tips [16/01/2024]

Dota 2 - DreamLeague: Western Europe Qualifier
16.01.2024, 15:15
2 : 1
2:1 (0:1)
Handicap1 (-1.5)
Odds: 1.76Stake: 5/10

DreamLeague Season 22. Closed qualifiers. Western Europe. Lower bracket. Second round. This is yet another confrontation between a team vying for one of the tournament slots and one that is hoping for at least one qualifying match victory. Team Secret will face off against Team wkwkwk.

Team Secret

What has once again transpired with Clement Puppey Ivanov's team in the first round of the winners' grid? Yes, it's understandable that they encountered Tundra Esports, whom they lost to just a few days ago and whose lineup is, all in all, somewhat superior. However, why does nothing work out for Team Secret in their new lineup? After their previous unsuccessful qualifications, it seemed high time to pull together and show their full potential, yet what we are witnessing is a persistent lack of ideas and the same old problems with the team. It is therefore clear that the 0:2 loss to Tundra is not representative at all, especially when it comes to matches against lower-level teams. Currently, Team Secret is a team stranded somewhere in the middle, between Tier 1 and Tier 2. It's a decent team, though not top-tier. If you're looking for a comparison, they're a lot like Tottenham. Still, it remains extremely intriguing to see what's next for them, given that, at the very least, they are expected to steamroll their way through the first round of the lower bracket.

Team wkwkwk

Still not Alliance, rumours have been swirling around this team for the past two weeks, but they still haven't signed with any organization. However, why should they? Considering their performance, it doesn't seem like they are an incredible top-tier team about to burst onto the professional scene if only given a boot camp and an organization. They're a solid Tier-2 stack with potential for more, but that's the limit. The players are mostly mature, so there's no room for further development, and their single victory in the previous qualifiers only confirms this. Interestingly enough, the team was directly invited to these qualifiers, rather than having to compete for a spot, which is a rarity for stacks. However, in the first round, they came up against Entity, who were furious after their previous tournament failure, and were simply wiped out with a score of 2:0. Yes, their performance was not as dominant as it could have been, but there was never a moment of doubt about the match's result. Now, Team wkwkwk faces an even tougher opponent, which so far has been more successful than Entity in the new season.


Team Secret and Team wkwkwk have not met before.


Betscity offers one of the lowest odds in this tournament for a Team Secret win, at just 1.13, while their opponents from Team wkwkwk are at 5.40. Here, of course, you should go for Puppey's team win, but you'd want to choose a higher odd. And here, the HANDICAP1 (-1.5) for 1.53 stands out. If Team wkwkwk lost 0:2 to Entity, then Team Secret should have no problem defeating them with a clean sheet.


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